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To kill A Mockingbird

What flower does Mrs Dubose have for Jem in a box?
Where do the Ewells live behind?
The word that people use to describe african americans.
What sport does Jem try out for in 7th grade?
What is Jem and Scouts aunts name?
Who kills Bob Ewell?
What is a sin to kill according to Atticus?
What cunninghamm gets scout in trouble her first day of school?
The name of the african american church that Calpurnia attends.
Jem finds this in the tree and trys to fix it
What is the mad dogs name?
The first thing that is found in the tree by the Radley Place.
What is the name of the judge during Toms trial?
What is Boo Radleys real name?
Mayella Ewell age at the time of the trial.
The name of scouts first grade teacher.
The finch familys cook.
How old was Scout when her mom died.
Jem and Scouts father.
Where do the "colored" people of maycomb sit during the trial?
What do jem and scout get for christmas
What word does Scout use to describe Atticus as a father?
Jem is this type of meat for the pagent.
Who does Mayella accuse of rapeing her?
Where does Jem teach Dill to swim?
The childeren of Maycomb all beleive a ____ comits all the crimes.
What is Burris Ewell hair on Scouts first day of school?
Where does Dill live during the year.
Whos house catches on fire in chapter 8?
What is used to kill Bob Ewell?