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This band was "Dirty, Rotten, Filthy, Stinking Rich" in the late 80's
_____, Still, and Nash.
This Jersey native band gave us a dose of "Bad Medicine"
Her debut album is named "What's the 411?"
His daughters name is Liv.
Cyndi Lauper album title "She's so _______"
Phil Collins former band.
Gwen Stefanis ex husband and front man of the band "Bush"
She "Kissed a Girl and she liked it"
No Doubt became mainstream with this hit album.
This television network debuted in 1981
This songtress got her start on the Nickelodeon show "Victorious"
"Titanium" singer
This singer warned us about a girl named "Runaround Sue"
She is "Walking on Broken Glass", but "Why?"
Country singer who is also a judge on "The Voice"
"It's ______bitch!!"
Band who sings "Walk Like an Egyptian"
She starred in the movie "Burlesque"
This front woman of the band Garbage shares the same last name of a famous serial killer.
Her birth name is Alicia Moore.
Has an album entitled "Butterfly"
This Nirvana drummer left the band and started the band "Foo Fighters"
Singer of "Borderline"
Guns N Roses guitarist.
Guns N Roses song title "_____City"
What doctors have or this Guns N Roses song title.