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4th Six Weeks Science Project

Teacher: Ms. Brown
Similar cells working to perform a certain function
Organisms that need water (gases), reproduce, grow and other such things
2 or more elements combined
Controls & regulates many body process like growth
A group of the same organisms
Protects body Enables body from infection, injury & UV rays
A group of different organisms living together
Organic compounds that contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen
protects major organs
The process by which an organism maintains a stable environment despite external changes
Different tissues working together to perform a specific function
Takes oxygen brings carbon dioxide from out the body
Removes waste products like urine
Carrying info between the body & brain
Different tissues working to perform a function
A substance that cannot be broken down into any other substances by chemical or physical means
Smallest unit of substance
Cells that have an organized nucleus membrane + bound organelle
Takes in food breaks it down and uses it for nutrients
Enables body to move
Living and nonliving things interact in the same area and time
Anything living; all organ systems working together