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Multiplication and Division Vocabulary Words

Counting by a number repetitively: 2,4,6,8
When comparing two numbers refers to the number that has the smaller value
Breaking a number into equal groups
When comparing two numbers refers to the number with the greater value
Any number multiplied by 1 is that number
Answer to an addition problem
The way in which a multiplication problem is grouped does not change the product
5 (3 x 5) = 5 x 3 + 5 X 5
When comparing two numbers the value is the same
The answer to a division problem
A multiplication strategy that uses skip counting to find the correct answer
Divisible by 2
Numbers can be multiplied in any order and the product does not change
The answer to a multiplication problem
3 numbers that make up a multiplication fact
A multiplication strategy that depicts an equal group with columns and rows
Answer to a subtraction problem
A division strategy that uses subtraction to find the answer
Not divisible by 2
Adding a number to itself for a certain amount of times to make an equal group