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baseball and other things

Home of the Bills
Mary's Tylers' boss, Mr. .....
Cito's last name
Egyptian sun god
One time Jay commentator Tony
Really try hard
Barbie's beau
Big bovines
Suffix indicating ideology
Teller of untruths
Bouton - ex yankee pitcher and author of "Ball Four"
NY baseballers
"... can make this work"
Judge in Simpson trial
"Honest " one time US pres.
... Vey!
Opening in a fence
Highway 407 is one
Fired and rehired as manager of Yankees
.... "The man" of baseball
Opposite of worst
Dodger great catcher Roy ...........
Hillary's hubby
Formerly named
... and out
What you must pay
Former Blue Jay name who can unlock doors
Absent without leave
Former yankee catcher Howard
Toe the ....
.. Joe a soldier
A boat that pulls other boats
Old time comedienne Martha
Something we scratch
... folk
It catches fish
Captain Tenille's one time partner in song
City of angels
Do it .. else
Fencer's sword
Former Red guilty of gambling
Abbreviated pound
"that is" abbrev.
Former Tiger great Kaline
They often are made redder by ladies
Cosmetic suction
Opposite of sww
Not at attention but .......
Objective case of first person singular
Ruth the great ball player
Spectator or cooling device
Lower female choir voice
Little guy of Merryweather Andy's son
S. African wildebeest
You need it for your car
To ... with love
One time Blue Jay commentator Fergie
Platooned as catcher with Ernie
Toy that flies
Fuzzy fruit and New Zealander
Yogi's real first name
Houston ball player
Pepitone one time yankee 1st baseman
Some counter tops are made of it
High Protein bean
Blue Jay hero on original opening day
Victim of Winfield killing
Blue jay who pitched no-hitter
Pitched perfect game in 1956 world series
Slang ... "do you ..." what I'm saying?"
Something to ride
Managed Jays to 2 world series
Positive answer
A rich Rogers
Part of a play
Mark the .... Fydrch
French night
Related to flight
Nasty former owner of Leafs
Spot to build a house
Injured players are placed on it
Old time comedian Louie ...
...... and thread
Denotes 3
Slangy "no"
Why most athletes retire
Sammy of the Cubs
Former jays pitcher ..... Alexander
Special sense
Caustic substance once used in soap making
.. apple a day keeps the doctor away