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Science Universe Vocab

Collection of large and small bodies that orbit our central star, the sun - The Sun and its family of orbiting planets, moons, and other objects.
All space, energy and matter
Dark areas that form on the surface of the sun; A darker spot on the photosphere of the Sun. A sunspot appears dark because it is cooler than the surrounding area.
Large collection of stars, star clusters, gas and dust that is held together by gravity - Millions or billions of stars held together in a group by their own gravity.
The process in which two or more low-mass atomic nuclei fuse to form another
The measure of a star's brightness as seen from earth
Group of stars that make a pattern - A group of stars that form a pattern in the sky.
A graph showing absolute magnitude plotted against the surface temp. for a group of stars
The movement of matter that results from differences in density caused by variations in temp. process by which energy is transferred in gases and liquids, occurring when a warmer, less dense area of gas or liquid is pushed up by a cooler, more dense area of the gas or liquid
The transfer of energy that travels long distances in the form of electromagnetic waves
Distance light travels through space in one year -
Large celestial body that is composed of gas
For which two objects exert on each other - force of attraction have on each other due to mass and distance between them
The actual measurement of a star's brightness - how bright a star would be if located at a standard distance
Huges groups of relatively cool gases that extend outward from the photosphere thousands of kilometers into the outer atmosphere
Theory that the universe began (moment in time) in a huge explosion 13-14 billion years ago by a dot no larger than an atom
An explosive release of energy that can extend outward as far as the sun's outer atmosphere
Galaxies shaped like pinwheels
Brightness of a star
Our galaxy! spiral galaxy which hold the solar system