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Hatchet Vocabulary

To make smaller or to lessen
Central body of an aircraft
Capable of operating on land and water
Overly sentimental or phony
Drawn together; made smaller
Refusing to give up or let go
Hinder; get in the way of
Irritation; annoyance
Unexpectedly; very suddenly
To hold steady
To roll about or lie in
Intense excitement or commotion
Up and down; upright
Light bending when it hits water
To cross one another over and under
Useful or desirable thing or quality
Dark or gloomy
Ample amount; large amount
Hip part of an animal
Small whirlpool or movement of water
Device used in aircraft to measure distance above sea level
A knoll or small hill
Chaotic or unstable motion
Height in the air
Removable covering for an engine