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Energy Transfers with an Ecosystem / Biome

Teacher: Mrs. Dunn
Eats both plants and animals
The representation of the energy flow within an ecosystem
An herbivore
Nonliving things in an ecosystem
An organism that decomposes organic material/dead matter
Eats either herbivores or other plant sources
Eats only plants and other vegetation
Chain or system in which organisms are dependent on the previous one as a food source
Living things in an ecosystem
Highest level of consumers
A large area occupied by certain plants and animals, dependent upon the climate
Bottom of the energy pyramid, making their own food
Eats usually other consumers/carnivores
Eats only meat
Process by which a plant makes food from sun, carbon dioxide, and water
Process by which an organism uses oxygen to breathe, along with food for energy production
A gas plants use to produce their own food, along with sunlight and water
A community of interacting organisms within a certain biome.
The common temperature zone and moisture pattern of a given area
A gas living organisms need to survive