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Year 9 History Term 1

When countries compete to see who has the largest / best army.
Serbia's powerful ally.
Holding a candle to pop lice is called ........?
"It was ....... led by donkeys."
Soldiers got this if they stood around in cold dirty water for too long.
Which country had the largest empire before WWI?
They called General Haig this. "The ........ of the Somme."
The large guns that were used in trench warfare.
The man who was killed in Sarajevo.
The dangerous area between enemy trenches.
These little insects laid eggs in the seams of soldiers clothes.
If you were about to attack, this is the trench you would be in.
A feeling of pride in your country. No other country can beat you!
Where were the Black Hand Gang from?
The man who fired the shots in Sarajevo.
These new moving weapons were used for the first time in the Somme.
When one country controls another country.
A friendship between two or more countries.
Where soldiers slept in WWI.
What country is Sarajevo in?
Which country was new and wanted to prove itself. It also had the largest army (8.25 million men!)
The disease caused by lice.
This was laid in front of trenches to entangle and cut enemy soldiers.
The creeping ........ was a new technique used in the Somme.
'You English are....!' - The German Kaiser in 1908
Britain had 29 and Germany had 17 of these ships.
Many european countries wanted to take over this continent. 'The scramble for.....'
Both France and Germany wanted to take over this country.
You step on this in the trench to fire!
'We want ....... and we won't wait!' said by the British newspapers in 1908.