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John Chapter 4 (RSV-CE)

Jesus sat down beside _______'s well.
The name of the city in Samaria that Jesus came to.
Jesus himself did not _______, only his disciples (v. 2).
To get to Galilee from Judea, Jesus has to pass through this region.
A very famous parable that Jesus spoke is called the Parable of the Good __________.
Jesus promises to give ________ water (v. 10).
Jesus stayed with the Samaritans ____ days.
In verses 16-18, by not recognizing the woman's current husband as her true husband, does Jesus approve of divorce and re-marriage? (Yes or No)
In Galilee, Jesus first arrives at this town, where He had changed the water into wine.
The official from this town had a son whom Jesus prevented from dying.
In v. 26, Jesus confirms that He is the _________.
"We know that this indeed is the ________ of the world" (v. 42)
God is ______ (v. 24).