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Daizha-Weather and Climate

Using the radio or TV to warn people of the weather etc.
Great beauty or splendor
A relatively small or smallest part
The body of water that separates Europe ,Africa and Asia
trees, bushes, rocks, hills, water
People who study climate
Form of gas
The process by which water vapor in the air changes into liquid water
A very small amount
Being damped and close
The earth is divided into 2 parts with the middle line the equator
A tiny drop (as in liquid)
a thing that distorts, slants, or colors whatever is viewed through it
A very great or intense
Rain, snow , hail, sleet
A substance used to destroy pests
Vast , huge desert in Sudan and others countries in Africa
Exactly, an exact time
Is when rocks and soil of the earth 's surface are moved to other locations
Angular distance north or south from the equator measured by 90 degree intervals.
Softer or calmer