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Psychology Crossword

Study of the soul
Organizing data into manageable units
Examining one's own mind and reporting on what's observed
School of thought based on analyzing sensations and personal experience into basic elements
What we focus on/what we notice
What we are not focused on/what we do not notice
Thinking we do in order to answer a complex question
Focus that affects our judgments/decisions
Our awareness of ourselves and our environment
Understanding information-rich higher mental processes
Persistence of learning over time, through storage and retrieval
Study of bumps on the skull and their connection to personal characteristics
Formation of simple associations among stimuli
Neural impulse that travels down an axon like a wave
Chemicals used to send a signal across the synaptic gap
Junction between the axon tip and the dendrite
School of psych. concerned with how behavior and mental abilities help people adapt
Recycling of neurotransmitters
Mental grouping of similar objects