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Stephen's how to kill a mockingbird crossword

The son of walter Sr.
Add details, as to an account or idea
Atticus's sister
Force somebody to do something
Spotlessly clean and fresh
Not divided or shared with others
An enlightening or astonishing disclosure
Meeting requirements
The black man accused of rape
The judge for Tom's trial
Refuse to accept
A sudden short attack
Do something that one considers to be below one's dignity
A friend of the Finch children
The father of Mayella
Very unhappy
Maycombs sheriff
The father of walter Jr.
The reverend for the all black congregation
To seek information from
Diffusing warmth and freindliness
Wife of tom
Characteristic of an absolute ruler or absolute rule
Be willing to yeild
The Finches house keeper
Main character
She is a freind of scout
Show to be false
Strong feelings of embarrassment
A mean old lady that Jem helps conquer her morphine
Jems father
Lawyer for the Ewell family
Aticus's brother
Sudden unpredictable change
Failure to be present
The daughter of Bob Ewell
Scouts older brother