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Cell Growth and Division

Cells go through a series of events called ____ _____as they grow and divide.
DNA tightly coiled around histones in eukaryotic cells.
A disorder in which body cells lose ability to control growth.
2 cells produced by cell division are genetically identical to the cell that produced them.
The process by which a cell divides into 2 new daughter cells.
Final phase of mitosis: chromosomes begin to spread out into a t6angle of chromatin
Unspecialized cell that can give rise to one or more types of specialized cells.
Duplicated strands of the DNA molecule can be seen to be attached along their length at an area called _______.
Division of the cytoplasm to form 2 separate daughter cells.
1st stage: division of nucleus.
Genetic information is bundled into packages of DNA.
"in between" period of growth.
Involves the fusion of 2 separate parent cells.
Structure in an animal cell that helps to organize cell division.
Mass of rapidly dividing cells that can damage surrounding tissue.
1st phase of mitosis: longest phase
One of two identical "sister" parts of a duplicated chromosome.
2nd phase of mitosis: the shortest.
3rd phase of mitosis: when sister chromatids suddenly separate and begin to move apart.