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Units 5-8 Intermediate 2 Vocabulary

Having a baby that has not been born yet
Sending out of something
Guarantee/ make certain
Knowledgeable people
Likely to continue
Past experience, including family life and education
Special features or qualities that make each person or thing different others
A husband or wife
The ability to have children
To save something or someone from being harmed or destroyed
Person with a new idea who works for himself
Easily broken, damaged, or ruined
Information that proves something
The ability to direct other people
Related to strong feelings of love between two people
Affected with sudden great wonder or surprise
Keep from harm
Connection holding two things together
To get out
The way an area of land looks
To live in an area or a place
Someone who is traveling or visiting a place for pleasure
Far away from towns and cities
Independent workers
Colorless gas breathed out by people and animals
Air-like substances
Something that happens as the result of a particular action or situation
To change something to be more useful
To make or create
To take care of and educate
Substances that are buried in the ground and can be burned for power
Serious study of a subject, especially in order to discover new facts or test new ideas
Difficult to live in and very uncomfortable
Extremely large