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BSF Christmas Crossword Puzzle

_____ to God in the Highest
Wooly animal
Earthly father of Jesus
Animals who fly the sleigh
Winter creation
New to the world
Name for God with Us
Lead the wisemen to Jesus
Where baby Jesus slept
Sang in the night sky
Fed to barn animals
Song: "The first ____"
Title for son of a King without conflict
Traveled far to see Jesus
Name for God's son
Illuminate darkness
Animal that carried wisemen
Birthplace of Jesus
Method of transportation in snow
Holiday in December
Sung at Christmas
Attribute of perfect God
Wisemen brought these
Deep happinesss
Happy expression
Someone who saves
Season of remembering
Place where Jesus was born
Green Christmas plant
Cloth to wrap a newborn
Talking to God
Decorated for Christmas
Carried Jesus into Jerusalem
Mother of Jesus
Gift from wisemen
Giving honor to Jesus
Place where Jesus was born
Without conflict
Employed to care for sheep
Without conflict
Multiple wooly animals
Someone who rescues
Young person
Gift from wisemen
Where baby Jesus slept
Gift from wisemen
Name for wisemen