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Chapter 3 Vocabulary

A system by which a group of people are ruled
A person who helps you.
A Spanish word meaning "village" that refers to some American Indian groups in the Southwest.
A large tent made of hide; traditionally used by the American Indians.
Land set aside as a place for American Indians to live.
An object made and used by early people in the past.
The planting and growing of crops for food; farming.
A person who collects plants and hunts wild animals for food
A highly developed human society.
A boat made by hallowing out long logs
A relative
A time when huge sheets of ice and snow covered parts of Earth's land and sea.
A canoe with a water tight covering
A group of countries under the control of one ruler.
A wooden sled dragged by dogs or horses.
A brick made from mud and straw.
A product brought from different place to trade or sell.
A union of people or groups who work together for a common goal
A scientist who studies the culture and artifacts of early people.
A way of life for a group of people.
An open pit where people mine, or dig up, rocks.
Someone who travels from place to place at different seasons