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Renaissance and the Reformation

Famous artist of work called The School of Athens.
Institution of the Catholic Church who would arrest those suspected of defying church beliefs.
These leaders gained power as a result of the Reformation.
Catholic religious order that sent missionaries all over the world and established schools.
Religious movement of the 16th century that led to the founding of Christian churches that rejected the pope's authority.
Wrote the Prince, where he encouraged rulers to use any means necessary to maintain and increase their power.
Art technique which gave images a three dimensional look.
The Renaissance was a rebirth of learning from Classic Greek and _______ civilizations.
Another name for the Church of England.
Greatest playwright of all time.
King of England who established the Church of England (Anglican) in order to divorce his Catholic wife.
Catholic monk whose Ninety-Five Theses began the Reformation.
Someone who financially supports the arts.
What the Catholic Church did to Martin Luther for criticizing its practices.
This Protestant group believed, among other things, in adult baptism.
Scholars from this empire fled to Italy with great knowledge of Greek and Roman civilizations.
The Renaissance began in this country.
Name given to new Christian churches that developed outside of the Catholic Church during the Reformation.
The idea that God has determined beforehand which people will be eternally saved.
Martin Luther rejected the sale of these pardons that released a person from punishment for sinning.
The idea of the printing press came from these people which made it easier for information to spread.
Renaissance philosophers who studied classical texts and focused on human potential and achievements.
Queen of England who led her people during the invasion of the Spanish Armada.
Renaissance man who painted the Last Supper and Mona Lisa.
Unlike the Middle Ages, during the Renaissance Europeans began to write in their ___________, which is the common language of a region or country.
Michelangelo's great understanding of this science allowed him to sculpture the statue of David.
Unlike most of Europe, Italy had a wealthy class of _________ who could afford the services of artists
The Spanish Armada was destroyed by this nation.