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Find your way through Trigonometry

Author: Liberty Maples
Rotates counterclockwise is a ____ angle
Opposite divided by adjacent
Angle of ____ represents the angle from the horizontal downward to the object
Radius multiplied by the central angle is ____ length
If two acute angles have a sum of 90 degrees they are.
Measurement of triangles
An angle whose vertex is at the central of a circle is a _____ angle
One half the distance between the max and min points
Adjacent divide by hypotenuse
The acute angle theta formed by the terminal side of theta and the horizontal axis is a _____ angle
Adjacent divided by opposite
Angles are measured in this unit.
Arc length divide by time is ____ speed
If two positive angles have a sum of 180 degrees they are.
Opposite divided by hypotenuse
Two angles whose initial and terminal sides are the same is called a _____ angle
An angle of ____ represents the angle from the horizontal upward to the object
Central angle divide by time is ____ speed
Rotates clockwise is a ____ angle
The horizontal distance of one complete cycle