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APUS History Unit One

Name ____________________________________
Powerful Aztec monarch who fell to Spanish conquerors.
Promoter of Massachusetts Bay as a holy "city upon a hill"
The oldest continually inhabited European settlement in United States territory.
Female Indian slave who served as interpreter for Cortes.
Phenomena started by adolescent girls' accusations that ended with the deaths of twenty people.
Indian leader who ruled tribes in the James River area of Virginia.
Thought he had arrived off the coast of Asia rather than on unknown continents.
German monk who began Protestant Reformation.
Colony originally founded as a haven for Roman Catholics.
Founder of the most tolerant and democratic of the middle colonies.
Failed colony founded by Sir Walter Raleigh.
Virginia leader saved by Pocahontas.
Colonial governor who crushed rebels and wreaked cruel revenge.
The Catholic aristocrat who sought to build a sanctuary for his fellow believers.
Religious group persecuted in Massachusetts and New York but not in Pennsylvania.
Wampanoag chieftain who befriended English colonists.
Radical founder of the most tolerant New England colony.
Harsh military governor of Virginia.
The oldest college in America, originally based on the Puritan commitment to an educated ministry.
Italian-born navigator sent by the English to explore North American coast in 1498.
Conquered the Incas.
Legendary founder of the powerful Iroquois Confederacy.
Conqueror of New Sweden who later lost New Netherland to the English.
British founder of the Methodist Church who served for a time as a missionary in colonial Georgia.
Site of a 1739 South Carolina slave revolt.