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Life Science Fall Final Review


A way to study the world and propose explanations based on evidence
Found in plants, contains chlorophyll
Nonliving variables in the environment
A characteristic of life, maintaining a stable internal environment
A cell with organelles, ex: plants, animals
The process a cell uses to use the energy (ATP) stored in glucose
A prediction of what will occur during an experiment
Part of the water cycle, occurs when water vapor condenses into clouds and falls to earth
Building blocks of protein
A series of predictable changes in a community overtime
The number of individuals of a certain species per unit area
A state of matter, no definite shape, definite volume
Organisms moving into an area
Extremely cold, dry biome. Frozen soil called permafrost
Diffusion of water
The powerhouse of the cell. Changes food energy into chemical energy (ATP)
Contains DNA, controls cells activities
The final step of cellular division
The size of population the environment can support
The four steps are Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase
Fat, wax and steroids are examples of this macro-molecule
The variable you change in the experiment
The process that uses sunlight and carbon dioxide to produce glucose
Autotrophs - green plants that make their own energy
Cellular transport that does not require energy
Movement of water across a semipermeable membrane
The amount of matter in a given space. Mass divided by the volume
Smallest unit of life
A large geographical region with similar climates and organisms