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4.8B Sun & Water Cycle

Teacher: JOrth
2% of all fresh water is in __ & ice caps.
Less than 1% of Earth's water is __.
Store fresh water.
Moisture falling from the clouds.
97% of all water on Earth is __.
Runoff collecting in common area.
The center of our solar system.
The changes of water as it moves.
Sun supplies heat & light to the __.
The Sun is a __.
Water changing from liquid to gas.
We feel the water vapor in the air as __.
Moving air.
Liquid precipitation.
The sun is a __ sized star.
The Sun is made of hydrogen and __.
365 days.
Over 100 billion stars.
Where precipitation comes from.
What is needed to do work.
About 70% of Earth's __ is covered by water.
The sun rotates slower at its __.
Evaporation - water changes from liquid to __.
Most water on Earth is found in the __.
The sun contains 99% of the __ in our Solar System.
The sun __ every 24.5 hours.
Water changing from water vapor to liquid.
Water is continuously __ through the water cycle
Condensation - water changes from vapor to __.
Frozen precipitation.
Carry fresh water to the oceans.
Sun is the major source of __ for water cycle.