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People Suffixes

"I work with beakers and test tubes."
"I ran for president for a second term."
"I fill patients' prescriptions when their doctors call them in."
"I fill my car's tank with gas."
"I am at the front desk of an office."
"I play the piano when the choir sings at a concert."
"I run Turlock Unified School District."
A person who studies in a branch of law, medicine, or other areas of expertise
Writer of fictional books
"I have a great-great grandfather who was in WWII."
"I walk across the street in the crosswalk."
A person who assists in help or support
Person who plays a musical instrument
"I fix computers."
A person who cleans
"I work for the government and citizens."
"I still rely on my parents for support."
The person being accused in court
"I enjoy painting."
"I work to keep children healthy."
A person who works with finances
"I sign up to run in a marathon."
A person who sings alone
A person who tells jokes
A medical doctor
"I hope to be this in the Olympics."
"I perform magic tricks."