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Developmental Psychology

Teacher: Eskritt
The type of intelligence involved in expressing, understanding and regulating emotions
The type of word learning style that focuses more on social phrases
Gardner would argue that Oprah Winfrey excels at this type of intelligence
The study of words and their meaning
A psychologist who specializes in psychological assessment
______ implant is a device that picks up speech sounds and converts them to electrical impulses
A morpheme
__________intelligence tends to decrease in the elderly
A theorist who focuses on the biological aspects to learning language
A property of symbols
Children's ability to connect new words to their meanings so rapidly
A child calling all motor vehicles trucks
The most likely intelligence test that would be administered to a child in Canada
Test results from a large group of people
Being able to think of all the different uses for a pencil would be an example of _______ thinking.
Gestures to make a demand
Knowing how long to maintain eye gaze during a conversation
Someone who immigrates to Canada and can speak German fluently
An example of a learning disability
Speech-like sound that has no meaning
One of Sternberg's three types of intelligence
The ratio of mental age to chronological age multiplied by 100