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Geometry Crossword

Geometry Review Terms
When 2 figures have the same angle measures but different side lengths with the same ratios
When two angles are on the same side of a transversal and leap frog
A polygon with 11 sides
Two line that meet at a vertex
The point where 2 lines meet to form an angle
When two angles are congruent and across from each other
Points that are on the same plane
When all interior angles of a polygon are less than 180 degrees
When an object glides
Two or more lines that never intersect
When an object turn around a point
Two line that intersect at a right angle
The point in the middle of a segment
A line that connects the midpoints of two sides of a triangle
A term used when two things are equal
A line that cut a line or angle in half
When two angles are adjacent and supplementary
When two angles add up to 180 degrees
When two angles add up to 90 degrees
Every dilation has a what?
A line that intersects 2 or more lines
When an object flips over a line a symmetry
Points that are on the same line
A 10 sided figure
A polygon with all sides and angles the same
When a polygon has an interior angle greater than 180 degrees