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ESL Holiday Crossword

I have four legs, a red nose and I can fly. What's my name?
A shiny Christmas song about things that jingle.
He's green, he's furry and he hates christmas!
Everyone's favorite sweet indulgence.
If you go out and sing songs for other people, what kind of songs are they?
"________ is better than receiving".
An extraordinary event.
Some say it is the best medicine.
An act or words of approval or encouragement.
"Have a holly ______ christmas".
How many nights does Hanukkah last?
What are these statements? "Hello!", "Welcome", "It's so good to see you!"
African-American festival celebrating harvest, heritage, food and gift-giving.
"_______ to the world, and good will to man".
Where Santa claus lives.
He's very cold, and arrives in winter time. He will nip at your nose.
December 26th, British holiday.
What does Santa use to enter peoples homes?
The tree most-used for christmas.
What you will get in your stocking if Santa thought you were bad.