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Diabetic New Year Resolutions

____ your behaviors and look for ways to improve them
Know them so that you can track your control
Wear _____ Shoes
Keep ____ Short
Get 7 to 8 hours of ____ per night
Doctor with training for Endocrine System
Eye Doctor
Avoid ______ Feet.
Partner up with someone to hold you _______
Visit at least 2-4 times per year
Wear Diabetic Socks for _____ Feet
I will add 2 servings per day to meals
I will check them every day
Foot Doctor
Learn ______ Techniques to help de stress
Improve your _____ Habits
Peridontal Doctor
I will check 2 times per day
Keep a list of...
Self -Manage shots
Deal with Stress ________
______Definitive Goals and take steps to acheive them
Establish a Well Balanced _____
Daily commitment to walking,swimming,running etc