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Mr. Scott's Honors Geometry Class

A two term expression
Straight up and down
A single term expression
Quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides
Formula used to solve for the zeros of a quadratic function
Theorem that allows you to use any two sides of a right triangle to find the length of the third side
Expressions that are multiplied to get a product
The x-intercepts of a function
Transformation where the image is slid vertically or horizontally
Transformation where the image changes size
The result of subtraction
The result of division
The result of addition
Trigonometric ratio equations relating the sides and the angles of right triangles
Trigonometric ratios that compare the sine of an angle to the opposite side, making a ratio that is consistent for ANY triangle
Trig equation that can be used when given SAS to solve ANY triangle
A three term expression
Transformation where the image is flipped over a line
Transformation where the image is turned around an axis
The result of multiplication