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First Nations and Europians in New France

Teacher: Mrs. Cranstone
Champlane explored Nova Scotia and New Brunswick , build a fort and named it...
A shelter witch the First Nations had...
What was the place every European wanted to take for themselves ?
A sours of travel the First Nations went by?
Used to wear, put on your beding or making things out of.
What is a totem pole?
Champlane needed to survive in Quebec. He needed help from the _______people
A season that Champlane and his people did not like.
A tool witch told the direction to go...
Small and sturdy ships were called...
The French where the last to join the search for a route to ...
A place where you trade goods for other things.
The Jesuits wanted the First Nations to give up there religion and become...
A disease that was common with Native people?
The most successful missionaries were the...
These were used to trade furs and weapons.
Hundred of years ago people believed in this type of sea creature...
Boys as young as 10 are referred as...
The First Nations believed that the world was a ________and that all things had souls and were equal in life.
A sailors diet consisted beans, hard beans and...