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A Mix Of Christmas

If you're been naughty you'll get coal in them.
What Rudolph and his reindeer buddies nibble on.
What you decorate your tree with.
What you cut into little men and women with your grandmothers.
The only transportation that flies because of reindeer.
You stay up until midnight waiting for it.
You fall in love under it.
What you leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve.
What's in the big red sash on Santa's sleigh.
He shoots arrows through your heart, making you fall in love.
Santa's helpers.
The snowman who has a "very jolly soul."
The holiday goodness we all drink and ends with the letter G.
No two are alike.
It's a place that's opposite from Antarctica.
What Santa squeezes down to deliver our presents.
Guides Santa's sleigh through the night.
What Santa checks twice.