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Beehooligans Crosswords: Beekeeping Prep

Beehooligans For The Win!
The _____ used to achieve the objectives and goals you set should be selected specifically.
A good beekeeping plan will cover how to apply and deal with the effects of ______
The ____ you purchase or make should be determined by your beekeeping plan.
Your beekeeping ____ should define your purpose for doing it.
Your specific ______ should be achievable and measurable to meet your goals.
A beekeeping ____ helps to be better prepared.
Short for Integrated Pest Management
______ for desirable traits is an important part of planning.
The Queen should have specifically selected _____ traits to meet the planned goals and objectives.
A good approach to beekeeping is to _____ instead of dominate.
Another threat to be carefully planned for in order to keep colonies healthy and prevent illness.
Proper _____ for bee colonies to feed brood is absolutely critical.
The genetic traits of your colony will be determined by the ______ and the drones she mates with.
When you have achieved your goals and objectives, you are a ______.
Your _____ will include the how and what of your beekeeping activity.
These critters are something that one should plan for carefully.