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Flowers to Seeds

The base of the pistil
Flowers are designed for one purpose
The most visible and showy part of a flower
Specializes female sex cells found inside the ovules
The parent plant provides this weatherproof coat for the embryo
The male part of a flower
This process begins after successful pollination
These flying insects are attracted to large white flowers that bloom at night
These flying insects are attracted to flowers that smell like rotting meat or dung.
Composite flowers like sunflowers are actually hundreds of flowers that are called.
The parent plant provides the embryo with a package of energy rich food for germination
The fertilized ovule develops into this.
After successful fertilization, the single cell divides and develops into a.
The female part of the flower
Inside the ovary
These common insects are attracted to flowers for their nectar and pollen
The ovary that surrounds the seed develops into this
These birds have no sense of smell but are attracted to brilliant colors
The tip of the pistil
After landing on the stigma, it grows a long tube like root, down the length of the pistil and into the ovule
These flying insects often feed on flowers that are similar color to their wings,which camouflages it.
When two sex cells of a flower meet and unite
A agent of pollination
The primary agent of pollination
Thousands of pollen form in it.
Specialized male sex cell found inside pollen grain