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Art 9 2D Final Review


Using one color and two colors adjacent to it’s compliment.
Green, Violet, Orange
strokes that show motion and connect two points.
Light drawing done in the initial stages of a realistic drawing. Meant to be erased and corrected while finding shape and form.
An area enclosed when both sides of a line meet.
Symmetrical and Asymmetrical
The relationship of the area occupied by one shape to that of another.
Aligning features horizontally.
Mixing white into a color.
Using different tints and shades of a single hue (color).
Mixing gray into a color.
The visual motion created in a work of art.
Occurs when all of the elements of a piece combine to make a balanced, harmonious, complete whole.
The repeating of an object or symbols. Geometric, Repetition, Alternating, Organic, Flow, Branching, Spiral/Fractal
Wet pigment on wet paper.
The feel of an object or its surface.
Shading along the contours of and object.
When one area in a work of art stands out more than another.
Lines stacked or layered parallel to one another.
Using colors next to each other on the color wheel.
Lines enclosing or indicating the shape of an object.
Line that appears to spring from an artists emotions. Loose and Gestural.
Mixing black into a color.
Aligning features vertically.
Red, Blue, Yellow
A difference created when elements are placed next to each other in a work of art.
Lines stacked both parallel and perpendicular to one another.
The lightness or darkness of an object or color.
Line that varies little in thickness. Plain and consistent.
Wet pigment on dry paper.
Dry pigment on wet paper.
Shapes that are three dimensional.
The part of light reflected by the object we see.