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Small red berries used in making sauces and jellies.
Large oval plate used for serving food.
A popular main course, traditionally served on Thanksgiving
A forked structure between the neck and the breast of a bird.
Seasoned bread crumbs , dooked inside a fowl
2 wds, Round desert made from nuts, served at holiday meals.
Liver, heart, gizzard and neck of a fowl.
2 wds, Tubers, boiled, crushed and served with butter.
A large meal prepared in celebration of something.
An expression of Thanks, or request, addressed to God.
Inhabitants of a colony.
2 wds, A popular topping served on desserts and hot drinks
2 wds, Round dessert made from this winter squash.
Handing down customs from one generation to the other.
Tuber side dish served with brown sugar and marshmallows
A seasoned mixture used for stuffing poultry.
A popular type of turkey stuffing.
A sauce made of juices of cooked meat.
To cut into slices or pieces.
A side dish cooked slowly in the oven.
A decoration placed in the middle of a table.
Ornamental container shaped like a goat's horn.
English Colonists.
A day of festivity or recreation, without work.
A national holiday marked by a traditional meal of Turkey.
Fruit of a plant, related to a gourd, eaten as a vegetable.
To cook by prolonged exposure to heat.
Lower joint of a fowl's leg.
Descendants of a common ancestor.