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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Grade 6 Class Night

What is the birth month of Ms. Wella Mahinay? (Clue: She's in the third floor)
The sign located outside the infirmary says "Reserved for ________ only."
What is the brand of the paper towel in Domuschola?
"No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking" by ______________
Room 116 is the __________ Area.
Who is Michelle Evangelista?
"_____________ is the eye of the soul."
There are ____________ classrooms on the third floor.
Pre-K room tells you that "_______ on on!"
Room 315 is the ________ lounge.
What is the whole first name of Nurse Jen is?
What is the brand of the giant fans?
The IB Learner Profile that you can see outside the Learning Resource Center is ______________.
Find the GREEN FIRE EXTINGUISHER Complete the missing letters: "_._._._-123"
The brand of the orange juicy pulp in the vending machine in the third floor is _____________.
How to use the Fire Hose: aim the _________ at the base of the fire
The brand of the projector in the third floor hallway is ______.
Room 201 tells us that, "You are the ____________ I am here."
How many office tables are there in the Guidance and Formation Office?
How many CCTV are there on the second floor hallway?