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Science Vocab Astronomy

The motion of body that travels around another body in space
The path that a body follows as it travels around another body in space
Average distance between Earth and the sun - 150,000
300,000,000 wide region between orbits of mars and Jupiter where most asteroids are located
States that all objects in the universe attract each other through gravitational force
A planet that has a deep massive atmosphere that is made up mostly of gas (hydrogen and helium) and ice. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and neptune
An imaginary straight line that runs from the North Pole to the south pole
A relatively large spherical body that orbits a sun
A small body that gives off gas and dust as it passes close to the sun. small body of ice, rock and gas
Describes something that used Earth as the reference point
One of the highly dense planets nearest to the sun. There are 4
A bright streak of light that results when a meteoroid burns up in Earth's atmosphere
Current model of the solar system in which the sun is the center of the - Earth and other planets orbit the sun
A small rocky object that orbits the sun; most asteroids are inside the asteroid belt between the orbits of mars and jupiter
The spin of a body on its axis