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More Fun with Adjectives

spelling bee prep
Being hardened and thickened; or indifferent
So loud or insistent as to compel attention
Permitting the passage of light; clear, transparent
Not favorable or advantageous
Strictly conforming to pattern
Not having enough space for free movement fear of small spaces
Causing great pain or anguish
Continuing without interruption, unceasing
Bright and glowing as a result of fluorescence
Marked by great volume or bulk
Indicative of a peevish, ill-natured disposition
Marked by hidden dangers, unreliable
Vigorously active, arduous
Following one after another in order
Cool, disdainful
Affected with an injury or disorder to the skeleton; used in the treatment of bones
Conforming to standards of morality, good taste
Not given proper care or attention
Discrete markings of different colors
Dumbfounded, shocked, surprised
Operating with vigor
Bizarre, distorted, ugly
Characterized by grandeur or absurd exaggeration
Juicy, moist; or types of plants that conserve moisture