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Science Vocab Review

The path an object takes as it revolves around a star, planet or moon
Based on an observation AND prior knowledge
Each time an experiment is completed it is called a ...
The force that results of two objects rubbing together. (This force works against motion)
A state of matter that has a fixed shape and volume
Combined forces that act on an object in opposite directions (Stops the object from moving) 2 words
The process of liquid water becoming water vapor
The force of attraction between two objects
What someone thinks, a view or judegment
Everything; ALL matter, time and space
The measurement of the amount of gravity acting on a object's mass
To spin on an axis
Means sun-centered
The exact steps in an experiment
A state of matter that has no definite shape and expands to fill the entire container
Something you find out by directly using your five senses
To move in a path around an object
A large round object that revolves around a star
The tendency of an object to stay in motion
An average sized star that is the center of our solar system