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How are Rocks Classified?

How are Rocks Classified?
The process of carrying away weathered bits of rock is called?
What are nonliving, but they can change form both above and below the earth's surface?
The forces that carry away bits of weathered rock during erosion must drop them somewhere else. This laying down of pieces of rock is called what?
Rocks that form when layers of sediment are made up of soil, shells, bits of rock and dead plant animal?
Rocks in the Earth's crust are slowly broken into smaller pieces in a process called what?
What kind of weathering changes the rock material?
Rocks that form molten rock are called?
What is one important way scientists classify rock is based on how they are what?
Rocks that have changed as a result of heat and pressure are known as what kind of rock?
What kind of weathering creates small pieces to break?