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Earth Science

Teacher: Borden
Downward movement of rock or dirt.
Shows wind direction
Measures air pressure.
Caused by volcanoes or earthquakes.
Water that falls to the Earth from the air.
Measures the amount of rain fall
Molten rock
Process by which the ocean floor is spreading farther apart.
Helps meteorologist measure and collect data about weather conditions.
Boundary where two plates collide
Boundary where two plates are pushed apart.
An overflowing of water onto land.
Process of water vapor changing to a liquid.
Process of liquid water changing into water vapor.
Fluffy clouds
Weight of the atmosphere pressing down on Earth.
The super continent when all the continents were once connected.
Caused by the movement of tectonic plates.
Shaking of the earth.
Flat layer of low clouds.
A violent, often destructive whirling wind.
Theory that the continents were once all connected and drifted apart over time.
Measures wind speed.
Boundary where two plates slide past each other.
7 or more pieces of the earth's lithosphere.
Movement of air
A long period of time with little to no rainfall.
High wispy ice clouds
Giant thunderhead clouds.