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6th Grade: Earthquakes and Volcanoes

A vent that allows molten rock and hot gases to escape from within the earth
The most famous scale used to measure an earthquake
Smaller earthquakes or tremors that happen after a large earthquake
The strength of an earthquake
Magma that is thin and runny in liquid form
The most famous fault in California
Any trembling or shaking of the earth's crust
The point underground where an earthquake begins
A weak earthquake
The study of earthquakes
Melted rock that is stored underground
The smallest fragments of tephra; usually resemble fine dust or sand
The belt where 80% of all earthquakes occur
The belt where one fourth of the active volcanoes are located
Holes or cracks that serve as escape vents for underground gases
Regions where earthquakes occur
Large waves caused by an underwater earthquake
Solid magma fragments
The place at ground level that is directly above the focus
The break that appears between two moving masses of rock