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MIS 300 Ch 7

Teacher: Dave Rice
A restricted network that relies on Internet technologies to provide an Internet-like environment within the company
You to Pierre
Uses IP technology to transmit telephone calls
A system that converts IP addresses into domains, or identifying labels
The maximum amount of data that can pass from one point to another in a unit of time
A high-speed Internet connection that is always connected
A large computer network usually spanning a city
A worldwide gap giving advantage to those with access to technology
Allows high-speed digital data transmission over standard telephone lines
An extension of an intranet that is available only to authorized outsiders, such as customers, partners, and suppliers
A standard that specifies the format of data as well as the rules to be followed during transmission
Along with 20-down, a wireless personal area network technology that transmits signals over short distance
Private companies that own and maintain the worldwide backbone that supports the Internet
Companies can establish these direct private network links among themselves, or create private, secure Internet access -- in effect, a "private tunnel" within the internet
A method of sending audio and video files over the Internet in such a way that the user can access them while being transmitted
Uses electronic tags and labels to identify objects wirelessly over short distances
Traffic exchange points in the routing hierarchy of the Internet that connects national service providers
Hardware, software, and data that provide location information for display on a multi-dimensional map
A standard Internet protocol that provides the technical foundation for the public Internet as well as for large numbers of private networks
Gives mobile users instant access to personalized local content
Provide communication over a short distance that is intended for use with devices that are owned and operated by a single user
A network that spans a large geographic area such as a state, province, or country
The smallest element of data and has a value of either 0 or 1
Connects a group of computers in close proximity
Vida of Oakland A's fame