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Lesson 12 - Prefixes

To play again
When you don't know something you are ________.
Not real, doesn't exist
Not smart.
Firefighters' uniforms are treated so they are ________.
I really need to ______ the wall in my living room.
Sometimes they _______ old movies with new actors.
When you walk through the door again
Something that is not said is _______.
Not done for money.
To change
When you don't want something it is _______.
Think again! Ms. Farnan says this all of the time!
Books that are not fake. They are true and provide information.
When you can't do something
Has to do with cooking things a second time
This is the type of food people who are allergic to milk have to have.
Sometimes you have to _______ flowers in the garden.
To take again
If you fail a test sometimes you can _______ it.