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Science Crossword

The light that reflects off a mineral.
Inorganic substance found in the earth.
Something made by two or more elements.
A piece of solid subsidence in a geometrically form.
The rigid outer part of the earth.
Molten rock inside the Earth.
The process by which rocks are deposited by the forces of erosion.
Known as the center.
The basic unit that makes up all matter.
Rock formed from pressure.
An opening from which lava flows.
The upper layer of the Earth's mantle.
A mountain or hill having a crater through which lava flows.
The geological cycle.
When earth is worn away.
The top layer of the Earth.
How minerals break under a force of stress.
Rock formed from cooling magma.
The transfer of heat through fluids from warm to cool .
A mark a mineral leaves after rubbing on a white tile
Rock formed from weathering
The middle layer of the Earth.
The region above the stratosphere and below the thermosphere.
Breaking down of rocks and minerals of Earths surface.
A pure substance of one type of atom.
Physical substance in general.