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Geometry Terms

The pairs of angles on opposite sides of the transversal but outside the two lines are called
Symbol for the slant or angle from the horizon of particular line identified by units up/units across
THE point where two rays that form an angle intersect
Lines that intersect at exactly one point
Angle whose measure is between 90 degree and 180 degree
A set of points that extends and opposite directions and continues indefinitely
Two angles whose measures have a sum of 180
Shows two angles have the same angle measure or two figures are the same size and shape
Angle whose measure is 90 degree
Two angles whose measures have a sum of 90 degree
Symbol for a figure made up of two rays with a common endpoint
The angles that are formed on opposite sides of the transversal and inside the two lines are
Angle whose measure is less than 90 degree
Symbol for the unit that shows the measure of an angle
Lines that intersect at 90 Degree ANGLES
Shows two angles do not have the same angle measure or two figure are different in size or shape
Part of a line or ray, made up of two end points and all the points in between
When you go clockwise or counter clock wise around a point
geometric transformation that moves every point of a figure or a space by the same amount in a given direction.
the original and image are congruent, that can be described as a flip
Part of a line that begins at one point and extends indefinitely in one direction
Lines that lie on the same plane and never intersect
Indicates that two figures have the same shape but are not necessarily the same size
A place in space identified with a number or letter to specify an exact location
the angles remain the same, but the distance between points increases or decreases by a common scale factor.