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Protein Synthesis Vocabulary

cell organelle made of rRNA that functions as the site of protein synthesis.
covalent bond between amino acids in polypeptides
Final phase of translation when the ribosome reaches the stop codon and the chain of amino acids is complete
a large molecule consisting of many identical or similar monomers linked together
each sequence of three bases standing for one of the 20 possible amino acids
the building blocks of nucleic acids consisting of a five-carbon sugar, a nitrogen base, and a phosphate group
an enzyme that links together the growing chain of RNA during transcription (no blank)
codon that signals the end of translation
when the sequence of bases on mRNA is decoded into an amino acid sequence (proteins).
a unit of heredity that is transferred from a parent to offspring
First phase of translation where the first amino acid attaches to the start codon
building block of proteins (no space)
Second phase of translation where additional amino acids are added
a nitrogen-containing base found in RNA, but not in DNA, that pairs with adenine.
process in which proteins lose their shape due to changes such as pH or temperature
first codon (AUG) that is translated
when the DNA sequence of bases codes for a complementary strand of mRNA.
one or more polypeptides with a specific function
a type of RNA that carries the message from the nucleus to ribosomes and specifies the sequence of amino acids in a protein
a polymer of amino acids joined together by peptide bonds
an RNA molecule that brings specific amino acids that match the codons in the mRNA.
a nucleic acid consisting of a long single-stranded chain of nucleotides involved in protein synthesis.
three consecutive bases on tRNA that are complementary to a codon on mRNA