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Physical Science Test7

Resistance arising to an object in motion
Quantity having BOTH magnitude and direction
Vector representing the change in an object's position
An inclined plane wrapped around a rod
F=ma; law of motion
Distance between ridges on a screw
Book written by Sir Isaac Newton
Measure of how well a machine converts input work into output work
States the relationship between the hypotenuse and legs of a right triangle (2)
Multiplication of force by a machine when friction is negligible
The gravitational force exerted on an object
Distance traveled in a given time
Path of an object bc of centripetal force
Discovered laws of motion
Combination of fixed and movable pulleys (3)
Center fleeing
Branches of physics developed AFTER the 20th century
Law of motion: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
SI unit of power
SI unit of energy
Quantity of motion
Circular lever (3)
special form of inclined plane that redirects force to the side
Quantity having magnitude but no direction
Sloping surface that allows an object to be raised without lifting straight up (2)
"center seeking"
Rate of work
When the force of air resistance on a falling object equals the object's weight (2)
A single vector showing the combined effect of 2 or more vectors
Multiplication of force by a machine when friction is present
Branch of physics that deals with the effects of forces on matter
SI unit of force