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William Shakespeare

Probably the only movie that Amanda Bynes will play with Channing Tatum was based on this Shakespeare play.
This fun setting of the joker in high school was the back drop for which of Shakespeare’s comedies.
One of Shakespeare’s Nicknames
One theory for why Shakespeare went missing for a number of years was because he went into hiding for (Blank) game from the local landlord.
Place of birth and death
Number of plays that Shakespeare had written
With the emergence of Shakespeare’s writing came tales that appealed to the (Blank).
This was a musical representation of the famed young lovers
An interpretation of a murderous nephew towards his murderous uncle.
Shakespeare primarily used a metrical pattern consisting of unrhymed (Blank).
April 23, 1616
The adaptation of Shakespeare’s plays into modern pieces paved the way for (blank) to become integral to the dramatic story.
Shakespeare’s favorite superhero