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King Solomon & Ecclesiastes Chapter 1

This Rises And Goes Down Again.
The Ear Is Not ______ With Hearing.
Another Word For Vanity.
A Love Book Written By Solomon.
In Much Wisdom Is Much________.
That Which Is This Cannot Be Made Straight.
The Eye Is Never ______ With Seeing.
Solomon's Position In Jerusalem Was That Of______.
Solomon Concluded That Everything Is This.
The Rivers All Run Into The Sea But They Are Never______.
God Would Have Given Solomon Whatever He Wanted - But He Asked For This.
The Name He Calls Himself In Ecclesiastes Chapter 1.
There Is No Remembrance Of This.
Solomon Said That There Is Nothing_____Under The Sun.
_________Was Solomon's Mother's Name.
This Is A Book Of Wise Sayings.
_________Was Solomon's Father
Everyone Passes Away But This Remains Forever.