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Aquatic Science-Water Quality

Comes from the erosion of pipes. Can control algae growth
Cloudiness or haziness of water
Describes the act of being Soluble in water
Measurement of hydrogen ions in water. (acid or base)
Buffering- neutralizes acids
Sodium______ is common for salt.
From waste and is a Fertilizer for plants and algae. Has to be converted for plants to use.
The description of excellence
The description of the levels of salt
PH less than 7
Needed to survive on land and in water
Transforms into nitrate for plants to use.
Prevents bacteria growth
From waste and is a key nutrient that fuels biological productivity.
The movement of water into rivers, lakes etc.
Description of water with less than .5 ppt of salt
An element found in soil and rocks. A nutrient organisms need and it can rust.
Toxic metallic metal. Causes hardness in water.
Measures the amount of metals in water. Opposite of softness
Local Pond in Duncanville